Hip Hop is becoming extremely popular with millions of Chinese youth getting into the music and fashion while developing their own style. Dozens of Hip Hop events are being held in cities across the country, while music videos by Chinese M.C.’s are hitting the internet on a daily basis.

For many Chinese youth, Rap music is an opportunity for personal expression and a way to talk about life in modern China. Hip Hop in China is still relatively new while mainstream media is slowly catching up to what’s going on. Because of the slow support millions of Hip Hop fans search the internet for audio, video and news of their favorite artists.

With we aim to become the number one Hip Hop source in China giving fans access to exclusive content. Because of our extensive network within the international Hip Hop scene we’re able to provide our visitors with exclusive content.

HH360’s main goal is to promote Western and Chinese hip hop culture while functioning as the gateway to China for Western artists & brands.

By using Mandarin-Chinese on the website and subtitling our videos, artists & brands are able to communicate directly with their target group to expand their reach.

With 500 million people under the age of 30 by 2015, China will be a huge market to expand business that involves youth culture.